SOCKS AND CAKES' Official Website

From Red Rock Entertainment and Kimistra Films Comes SOCKS AND CAKES

In the tradition of films like THE BIG CHILL and GRAND CANYON comes SOCKS AND CAKES, which takes place in one night at an apartment in New York City's Lower Manhattan.

Five people of a different ages, backgrounds, cultures and tastes find themselves at a dinner conversing with each other about their lives and where they see themselves in the future.

Some deeper, hidden secrets emerge and just when it seems all is to be revealed...all is still kept secretive.

Timothy J. Cox plays Harry, a misanthropic French literature professor who is just taking his life one day at a time, getting by with just enough to survive.

Kirsty Meares plays his ex-wife Amanda, who is now married to Harry's best friend Richard, played by Jeff Moffitt. Both seem to put on this positive front that all is well with their relationship, but Amanda has doubts and Richard has a wandering eye, especially when he meets the free spirited Sophie, played by Alex Vincent. Sophie has come to the party with the suave David, played by Ben Prayz. 

These five people are in for more than they bargained for.